Part III of my Mini-Series “The Seed of God”

part3sogcoverI just completed Part III of The Seed of God.  As of now, you can buy the eBook here:  though it will be available on most major online book retailer websites soon!  Thanks to everyone who is reading my story.  According to stats, there have been quite a few purchases of Part I and II.  If you are a fan, I highly recommend Part III.  I think it is my best segment so far.  Just 99 cents guys!

Synopsis for Part III:

Robert realizes that without his catabolism of his plant’s magical abilities, he is unable to enjoy the things that he once appreciated; passionate interests he had held before his current state of existence, during a time in his younger years when he was in a much better place mentally. Thus, he continues to utilize the giant green entity’s powers to grant him joy and satisfaction in his prevailing life that was previously miserable and unfulfilling.
During this time, Robert is fully aware that he is enduring the same reality–filled with the same day-to-day circumstances that had caused him to form such a poor mental state-that he had possessed before the miraculous emergence of the enchanted plant and the gifts it bestowed upon him. Though he is sure that making adjustments to his being would be of great benefit to his mental health, Robert finds himself unwilling to change for a number rational reasons. Thus, he deems the plant and it’s magical abilities to be a great ally; one that can cure his unhappy and empty soul without any effort on his part.
Learning that the powers granted to him are able to benefit not only his morale, but also other aspects of his life, Robert begins using them to improve himself in a variety of ways that result in a number of favorable outcomes. All seems well for Robert as he becomes more and more of the person he always wanted to be; even while inhabiting a truly loathsome life that the plant continually numbs him from. However, everything will change for Robert after one impulsive decision; a decision that will alter his view of the world forever, consequently giving him reason to transform his life rather than hide from it.



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