The Seed of God: Part II

Hey blog readers,

seedofgod2coverI finished Part II of my four-part mini-series The Seed of God.  I know Part I was kind of short, as it was the introduction to the story, but Part II is at least twice as long.  I think two posts ago I gave a description of Part I, so I’m not going to repeat that.  However, I will say that you can now buy the eBook version of Part I on a host of websites including Barnes and Noble’s.  Here’s the link:

Anyway, I am pretty excited about that, and Part II of The Seed of God will also be available on all the websites soon as well.  Here is my synopsis for Part II:

Upon waking up the morning after Robert skeptically planted the seeds that the mysterious stranger gave to him with the promise that they would fill the void in his life, he discovers an extraordinary act of nature in his backyard; a giant beanstalk-like plant reaching to the clouds. Witnessing it for the first time, Robert feels it’s presence can only be explained by one of two things: some kind of magical force, or more plausibly, a brain tumor. However, when others behold the sight of such an inexplainable phenomenon, the latter explanation goes out the window.
2015JACKAND-CB-300Robert quickly learns through studying the gigantic growth on his lawn that it has remarkable abilities that can in fact, as the stranger assured him, remedy the feelings of emptiness he had long felt from within. But with his billboard-worthy suburban neighborhood and the mighty homeowner’s association at his throat about getting rid of what could be consecrated as a natural wonder of the world, Robert must make a decision. He can either follow the regulations set forth by his community and continue his seemingly meaningless existence, or he can fight the powers that be, save the miracle that wondrously appeared in his life, and start down a new and fulfilling path of being.

So yeah, there it is.  I had to add some spoilers from Part I in there for the synopsis to make sense, but it’s all good.  Right now you can purchase Part II for $1.00 at

Hope you enjoy!

Thanks everyone for the support,




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