I’m Writing a Mini-Series!

seedofgodcoverYep, you read it right, while I am waiting to hear back from literary agents about publishing my literary fiction novel Big Red Yonder, I’ve been writing a four-part mini-series called The Seed Of God.  Part I of the series is now accessible for download!

You can get the e-book here for $1.00: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/728010

I am currently in the process of writing Part II and it should be available soon.  If you go to the link I shared, you can read the series synopsis, however, I will stick it in this post for your convenience.  Check it out:

Living the archetypal American Dream, it appeared Robert had it all; a steady job that paid well, a gorgeous wife who seemed to only get more attractive with age, two bright and well-behaved children who always seemed to do as they were told before they were even told what to do, and a comfortably large suburban home in the middle of a warm and friendly neighborhood on the outskirts of a bright and booming city. But even with the six-figure salary, the picture-perfect family, the billboard-worthy community in which he resided, and all of the other blessings bestowed upon him, he could not help but suspect that something was missing in his life. As a result, he felt a growing void within his soul, one that he could not attribute a cause for.
That is, until one fateful afternoon, when by happenstance Robert crosses paths with a mysterious man who grants him an incredible gift, one with the potential to remedy his feelings of emptiness forever. However, anything that seems too good to be true usually is, and anything that is true usually comes with a price. And as Robert reaps the benefits of the peculiar stranger’s offering, he soon discovers the unsavory consequences that come with its satisfying benedictions.

perdida_tiempoI didn’t go into too much description here because I figured its vagueness might leave potential readers intrigued enough to buy the short story and find out for themselves the cryptic details within the summary.  Maybe my tactic will work.  Maybe not.  Either way, I’m taking pleasure in writing my first magical-realism-based story.  It’s a fun genre to play around with and I can’t wait to continue producing the rest of the mini-series.

God Speed,






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