Publishing and a Truly Creative Mind

challengeI’ve been thinking a lot recently about the whole traditional publishing route for completed manuscripts.  I’ve also been doing tons of research on the subject to help me understand this whole business better.  And all this thinking and all this research has led me to the insight that for a truly creative artist, story-teller, and wordsmith, writing is the easy part of this whole career journey.  It is easy to write a book.  It is so much more difficult to figure out the whole vocational aspect of this profession.

A novelist has to be a salesperson to an extent, and for many creative minds, this isn’t easy.  Especially for the “reclusive writer” sect of men and women, as I find myself often being.  I am introverted and always in my head.  I can come up with the plot of a story in mere seconds, and I can begin writing it as soon as I get the time.  But when it comes to getting a work published, the struggle is real.  I have to break out of my shell on a daily basis, try to make connections, put myself out there, and sell myself, my ideas, and my product.

suit-hacks-for-salesmenOnce long ago, I was a salesman for a time, selling scam products to mostly elderly people inside Costcos and Sam’s Clubs.  This was completely legal but completely unethical.  I hated it, I hated it, I hated it, and every time I sold something, I felt awful about myself.  But it was a job, and I needed money.  As you can guess, I didn’t keep that job for very long.  To be a good salesperson, I think you have to be either completely heartless or you have to truly believe in the product you are selling.  Confidence is key.  And many authors lack that confidence, not in their writing perhaps, but socially.  This whole “getting-published” trek is one of the most difficult jobs I have ever experienced, and like I said, I was once a salesman for scam products.

3189I was also at one time an over-the-road truck driver, which in my opinion, is one of the most strenuous jobs on the face of the earth. God bless the truck drivers!  No, really.  They are amazing human beings. Alone 24/7 in the cab of a truck you call home, with no one to talk to but the wankers on the CV radio–the trolls of the pavement, and maybe just maybe some family when your available hours to talk coincide with the hours they are awake.  And then there is the schedule.  No free time in truck driving.  Very little at most.  Your work is literally your life all day, everyday.  It is a lifestyle, a very challenging way of life.  To say getting published is more trying than trucking says a lot about this industry I have chosen to pursue.

writenowIn conclusion, if you are interested in writing a book, of whatever kind, just remember that the actual writing part is the tip of the iceburg in the world of words.  So if you are pushing the creativity off, don’t any longer, just write.  Write anything, and write it from the heart.  Just do it, no matter what it is, let it out.  No more procrastinating.  There’s no time for that.  The hardest part of being a writer has yet to come.  Good luck folks and God speed.



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