My Novel’s Unofficial Plot Outline

plotSo one of my blog posts was a synopsis of my book, but I just don’t think it did my book justice.  I have been having issues writing up what I feel like is a great summary for Big Red Yonder.  I have been sending out query letters to literary agents with a new and improved book synopsis (not the same as the one I posted in my first blog post), but I still don’t think the new one is that great.  Any advice is welcome for this!

Anyway, I figured I would outline some of the plot of my novel anyone who is interested.

-Two small-town kids with completely different personalities meet each other in elementary school because they are both outcasts.  Through that commonality, they become great friends.  They realize quickly that they have similar goals in life too: to get out of town as soon as possible and lead lives of great success (of course at this point in their life they are not sure what that success is related to)

-Cecilia is one of the kids.  She is positive, confident, and driven.  However, she comes from poverty and she knew from a young age that it would be very difficult to achieve her goals.  However, with perseverance, she knows that anything is possible.  As she gets older, her hard work and driven personality pays off.  It is not an easy road for her by any means, but she will get all that she hopes for with her great state of mind.

This character realized at a young age that she was born into the wrong body.  She is in fact a male at heart, and after deciding to take on this new persona, the small-town really doesn’t respond well due to its ignorance and unaccepting attitude toward unique individuals.  It all works out for Cecilia, who eventually changes his name to Cecil, and this can be attributed to his go-getter mentality and refusal to let others bring him down.

-Julian is the other kid.  He is pretty much the exact opposite of Cecilia.  He was born wealthy and the future he desired was completely achievable from the beginning.  However, mentally he is negative, unconfident, and in many situations quite lazy.  At an early age he takes comfort in substance abuse and as he gets older he runs into a string of bad decisions as his demons get the better of him.  He, like Cecilia, is a go-getter, and he gets close many times to achieving his goals in life.  However, his poor judgment and hostility toward himself as a person really affects the outcome of his life.  Julian’s life gets worse and worse as the novel continues, and eventually Cecilia is the only person who can help him get back on a healthy and prosperous path.  But can Cecilia really save Julian?  After all, it is ultimately up to Julian to change his mindset, his decisions, and his life as a whole.

-Cecil finds solace from his hardships in the ignorant small-town through spending hours a day in the local library with his face in books, taking him to places far away.  Through reading, he learns a lot, and as a result he eventually gets out of the small-town, deciding to get his CDL license to become an over-the-road truck driver.  There, his journey begins from being an outcast and a person with little hope for the future he desired, to a person of popularity and great prosperity.  Eventually, due to circumstances back home, he moves back to the small-town and opens up a non-profit organization under a new name, one that the town is unfamiliar with.  At this point his outside appearance mirrors his heart, and he is able to gain great success as well as help people of the town along the way, for the small-town has a huge illiteracy problem, and he makes sure that comes to an end.  During his truck driving days, he experiences wonderful and exciting adventures and when coming home he becomes an important asset to the town.  But will his secret come to light?  Will the town find out who he really is?  Will they accept him if they do?

-Julian graduates from high school with the help of prescribed speed and goes onto college.  There, he studies acting, for he always longed to be in the spotlight and his personality caused him the burden of the constant desire to be well-known and liked by the masses.  After college, he takes a big chance and moves to Los Angeles where he attempts to get a career in acting for movies.  Though he gets close to achieving this, closer than many people who move out there, Julian’s bad decisions cause him great heartache as well as the unfortunate reality of resorting to a life of crime to fuel his ever-growing drug addiction.  Will he overcome his demons, or will they get the better of him?

-I will not go into more detail because it will give away much of what I want the readers to be excited about, with the suspense and thrills that are to come.

-Hope this outline sparked your interest.  Comments are always welcome!  Take care,

Ian Cardenas


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