Author Bio

It seems that a lot of literary agents want an author bio.  So here is mine (for now):


Ian Cardenas is currently a writer, artist, and teacher in Northern Virginia.  Once a scared kid with no hope for the future due to fears of stepping out of his comfort zone, Ian made great strides growing up to transform into a confident young man who believes he can accomplish anything that he sets his mind to.  Now twenty-six years old, Ian is working toward a Master’s Degree in Special Education and has recently completed his first literary fiction novel, Big Red Yonder.  In the past he published two books, a self-help book called The Rock Star Manifesto and a poetry collection called Nobody Likes You When You’re 23.  However, writing fiction has always been his true passion in life and finishing his first full-length fiction novel is on the top of his list of achievements.  Over the course of the past six years, Ian wrote Big Red Yonder under a number of challenging circumstances including financial instability, over-the-road truck driving, a plethora of hostile environments, health problems, and much more.  Though always remaining positive in the face of adversity,  his novel was at times his only form of solace.  As a result, his writing turned into something larger than mere literature, but rather a life-saving outlet that became filled with the raw emotion and creativity that is Ian Cardenas.


2 thoughts on “Author Bio

  1. Sometimes people also like to see shorter bio’s, for example, one hundred words or less. You might consider writing a shorter version just in case one is needed.


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